Holy Week 2014

Anglican Church of Southern Africa

Holy Week Services 2014

Maundy Thursday

17thTH April 19h00 – 20h30

Maundy Thursday Service together with other Churches in Winterton at the Lutheran Church in Winterton

(John Green leading, Kevin Robertson presiding, Gill, Caroline and John to lead music. Elke Carrihill leading a meditation. Basically an Anglican Service in the Lutheran Church!!)

(Praise, penitence, God’s Word, Meditation, footwashing (voluntary) Intercession, Holy Communioun and Tenebrae)

Good Friday Services

18th April
08h30 St. Patrick’s Church, Bergville.
12h00 Noon All Saints’ Church, Winterton.
18h00 The Cavern, Northern Berg

Easter Day Services

20th April
08h30 St. Patrick’s Church, Bergville.
09h00 All Saints’ Church, Winterton.*
11h15 Hlalanathi, Northern ‘Berg.*
11h15 Alpine Heath, Northern Berg.
18h00 The Cavern, Northern ‘berg.

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