Parish Golf Day on 18th August 2013

Last but not least!!! A huge thank you to all of you that sponsored, gave prizes, organized and played in the Annual Parish Golf Day on 18th August. Thank you to Jack and Heather van Rensberg for letting us make use of the Golf Course at no cost. The day was a huge success and everyone who took part really enjoyed the day.. A special thank you to the St. Patrick’s Guild for the way they organized the day and for the catering. Special thanks to Pippa Scott, who without any of the men in her life around, carted all the food and prizes out to Hlalanathi and for her work, together with the other members of the guild, in preparing the lunch. Thanks to Caryn Jackson for being “Mrs Money Bags” and helping organize the prizes. A big, big, big thank you to Jamie Jackson for organizing the players. Thanks so much to all who helped.

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