Rooted in Jesus Training Weekend

Report on Rooted in Jesus Training Weekend 20-23 September, 2013.

56 Candidates were trained in using the Rooted in Jesus Discipleship Course at Mseni Campsite, near Winterton. I could tell you about how well the weekend worked, about the wonderful representatives from parishes from the Archdeaconry of Uthukela, who volunteered so well for leadership roles all through the weekend, about the local pastors from other churches around Bergville and Winterton who attended, about those who attended from two local NGO organizations, World Vision and Philakahle and the wonderful people who trained us. However I would like to tell you about it by sharing a testimony that has come out of the weekend.

Ernest Mpungosi left school 19 years ago, before he finished his matric. At the time he was not well and went to see a tradional healer. He was subsequently trained as a tradional healer himself. He worked as a tradional healer for 18 years. Last year he was converted, and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Earlier this year he was baptized. He has stopped working as a tradional healer and this has basically meant that Ernest has lost his source of income. He has a lovely home on the edge of Loskop which his family shares with his brother. People still visit Ernest for healing. However he now prays for healing for them in the name of Jesus Christ. To his amazement some of those for whom he has prayed have been healed by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Some members of our Parish, John-David and Barbara Borgman, who worship at All Saints Winterton, have been encouraging Ernest. They asked if he could attend the Rooted in Jesus training course. Ernest subsequently attended the Course held at Mseni Campsite from 20-23 September.

Ernest, who was a member of a congregation for one week, before the congregation sadly split, has been looking for a spiritual home. On the course, Bishop Tsietsi and I chatted to him. He has now decided to now join the Anglican Church. We are to start a Rooted in Jesus Course at All Saints Church on Thursday 10th October, which Ernest will co-lead with me. On a Sunday mornings Ernest will help lead our Sunday School, which among others, is made up of 13 children from Khethani Township who were baptized on 9th September, when Bishop Tsietsi visited our congregation for Confirmation. We have been praying that a person who can teach the children in isiZulu would come and help with the Sunday School training.

Ernest is keen to become engaged in other ministries in the parish. He has started on a journey and has a long road ahead of him. However, if this is what happens to people who attend the Rooted in Jesus training, roll-on “Rooted in Jesus”. We await the testimony of the others who attended the training course and who have been encouraged to start Rooted in Jesus Courses, in the situations where God has placed them.

John Green.
September 2013.

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